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Review : Yevadu
What do you expect from a pure commercial movie? Commercial movies are made on a win win formula. It is like people watch what they want and pay for that.
Hero’s image, plus and minus, visuals for more key scenes, when should it give a twist? When will have to take the movie to a high pitch? All these are the key points for a commercial make of a story line.
Yes, Yevadu team made the same thing. They gave a commercial treatment to a Hollywood story line. Convincing the audience with the mass elements, the movie filled all the needed features of a commercial cinema to be a hit at box.
Coming to the story line Deepti (Kajal) and Satya (Allu Arjun) are in deep love. But Veeru Bhai (Mukhul Dev) desires for Deepti. Veeru Bhai is a local dada. Satya will be saving Deepti from the attacks of Veeru Bhai. Hence one day Veeru men will kill Deepti and Satya will be admitted in the hospital. Satya with his completely burnt face will be saved by a doctor (Jayasudha). Satya will undergo plastic surgery and Allu Arjun will transform into Ram Charan.
With a heart core revenge Satya starts search of his enemies. Satya with a new name Ram will kill his enemies. But Ram will be followed by another gang? Who are they? Why are they following? Is what Yevadu is about.
This is the story of first half. There is another story for the second half. What is the second half story? Better you enjoy it on screen.
The movie is based on a regular revenge concept. But it is not about one revenge. The story runs with revenge in two ways.The transformation of hero is a new concept for Tollywood audience. The first 15 minutes movie goes like a thriller. The movie also runs in a high pitch till Bunny transforms into Charan. Later it turns into a complete commercial element when the episode of Charan revenge action starts. The movie is brought back to life with an interval twist.
It can be said that the actual story of Yevadu starts here. Director gave a excellent lead to the second half by adding a flash back for the face post plastic surgery. Now second half has a another new story. Audience will have a feeling that they watched two movies on a single ticket. But this drawback was over took by the emotional drama, Sai Kumar’s character being very interesting audience will enjoy the movie.
Yevadu satisfied the expectations of Mega fans with dance moves, fights and dialogues. It gave a new look as it was a face off inspired story. Vamsi caught the pulse on when to raise the movie into a high pitch. We can even say that director followed the trick of Rajamouli. The second half was burdened with heavy emotions with out any relief point.
Brahmanandam was limited to one or two scenes. Director did not concentrate on using Vennala Kishore in the second half though there is an opportunity. Director forgot about comedy in a focus to run the movie in a tempo. Two heroines are for just name sake in the movie. Ami Jackson was better than Shruti Hasan.
Director failed to use Sai Kumar who gave a mind blowing performance. Sai Kumar dialogue delivery with his base voice injects an excitement in the audience. Hope at least after Yevadu our directors should know how to utilise the talents of the vibrant actor Sai Kumar.
Coming to Charan’s performance he acted as per the expectations of his fans. For the first time he was seen in a complete emotional phase.This time he reminded his father while dialogue delivery. Of course as wanted by audience. He proved his dancing talent once again in two songs.
Though Bunny was for a very short time, he turned to be a key role in the movie. Director’s judgement in choosing Bunny for the role worked. Jayasudha was offered a good role after a long time. The conversations between Jayasudha ans Saikumar were highlight to the movie and audience will enjoy it.
As a routine, this time also director successfully missed logics. Who is responsible for the 3 murders in Visakhapatnam? What about the investigations in the case? Will the voice change if undergone a plastic surgery? Many answered questions are left out.
Action sequences are more in the movie. Will families coming to watch the movie enjoy it? The movie is technically sound. Any way Dil Raju’s choice cannot be commented. All elements are added to the movie.
Devi Sri music worked well for the movie. In the emotional sequences director used the names of Chiranjeevi and Pavan Kalyan which gave an added zeal to the audience.
It is absolutely not a classic, neither a mind blowing movie nor something very unique. It is just a commercial movie. Watch it and enjoy.
Telugu Mirchi Rating : 3.5/5 – Swathi

Title : Yevadu (2014)
Star Cast : Ram Charan Teja, Shruti Haasan…
Director : Vamsi Paidipally
Producer : Dil Raju
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Released on : Jan 12, 2014.




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